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A hotel and Restaurants are the place where providing products such as food, accommodation and services to the guests who willing to pay for whatever consumed or experienced by them. Basically when the people like to stay or eat out of the home, first they expect the good services, quality products and satisfaction because of this the classification systems is introduced to in hotel and restaurant Industry. Once we search about why people using the classifications systems in hotel and restaurants; The people can find the hotel and restaurant in easily according to their budgets, because every one can’t stay in five star hotels and they can’t eat in luxury restaurants, so they can find the hotels and restaurants in their capacity. Most of the people they like to stay and eat at quality and luxury hotels and restaurants, because they like to keep their high range so this classification system is most useful to find the highest range of hotels and restaurants also. Everyone has a expecting the different facilities, so according to some of classification systems they can find the facilities, Eg; swimming pool, sports access, live music, Wi-Fi Internet access conference facilities, *specially disable people expecting the assistance or disable access in room and restaurants Accessible to a wheelchair user travelling independently. Accessible to a wheelchair user travelling with assistance. Accessible to someone with limited mobility, able to walk a few paces and up a maximum of three steps. The every traveller interest to visit to different kind of places so it’s very helpful to find the accommodations and quality restaurants in their interested places. The people can make sure their own health and safty,via the classification system because the classification systems are have some of basic law and rules because of that they are checking the quality of food and products, after that only their register with them that industry, And as a same time this classification system is helping to the Hotel and restaurant industry also, Every customers are checking the range of facilities and the quality of products, so their taking the classification guides in their hand before their leaving home so this is the best way to advertise the industry,

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